Tomáš Džadoň
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2009 - I have lost the instruction...
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SUPER FLAT / Super plocha 2007
polyurethan wooden beams, steel construction, el.engine / 400 x 300 cm

Super flat is one side of a wall made out of polyurethane imitation wood log beams, the kind you often find the large home depot stores such as Bauhaus, Baumax, or Obi. As you walk through the open door in the wall, each of the fake wood log beams mechanically rotates 180 degrees, so that you never have a chance to see the other side of the false facade.
The dialectic between the outside and inside has been annulled - there no longer is an interior. The viewer finds themselves caught up in race to see if they can glimpse what the opposite side of the wall actually looks like. This elimination of the distinction between the real image of things and their false exterior is radically condensed. It’s not about traditional values or a worn out modernistic utopia of the avant-garde, but a situation where we continually find ourselves caught between false props and entering into empty space.
Super Flat is a metaphor for the disappearance of concrete places; in effect the disappearing world of post-socialistic state of affairs. SUPER FLAT is change and time happening simultaneously. We don’t experience it as a transitional process or gradual metamorphoses, but rather as an immediate turnaround, similar to the revolving news stories in the mass media.

text by Jiří Ševčík, translation: Kacha Kastner